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Jacqui Johnson

 Jacqueline Johnson, fiber artist, art quilter, writer, and poet.

In truth my quilts are not your grandmother’s quilt.  Most of my art quilts are created using original designs, applique, machine, and hand quilting.  In my practice I use myth, historic figures, and current events as sources for quilts. The quilts I make hang on walls, cover new babies and occasional adult forms.  My process has evolved, and I spend more time planning the quilt and drawing before I begin the sewing process.  I work more in series.  I play more with the use of paint, photos, beads, and other dimensional items. 


Recent exhibitions include: “Celebrations of Black Mermaids:  From Africa to America,” “Sacred Threads 2022.” “By the Work of Her Hands,” at the Fabric Workshop, Philadelphia, PA.


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